Since launching in September 2018, Covett became the first platform to offer the concept of co-ownership for luxury jewellery assets. Other assets such as vacation homes, cars, yachts and racehorses have used fractional or co-ownership models for years.  Our smart ownership model allows our co-owners to wear their luxury jewellery pieces monthly, for life, or until the time they would like to trade-up.  And they enjoy their pieces because all the ‘would be’ hassles of ownership have been removed; our white-glove concierge service handles logistics, insurance, cleaning and maintenance of each luxury piece.

Covett, All the Joy, Without the Hassles.


Purchase your share in a coveted piece.

Schedule your Covett piece.

Wear and enjoy your Covett piece.

Your Covett piece is collected, checked and cleaned.

Can’t wait to become a Covettist and own the luxury jewellery you covet?  Take a look at our Get Started page.

Try Covett now, with a subscription to the Covett Vault.

Take a look at our newly launched Covett Vault Subscription; it allows you to experience the brilliance of the Covett smart ownership model.


You are the driving force behind the luxury jewellery in the Covett Vault. Currently we are curating pieces we believe are exceptional and offer a unique co-ownership opportunity.

As a member, you tell us what you are which pieces covet or want to co-own by posting items on your Covett List. You can also see what other members are coveting and let us know if you covet that piece too. Once we have a four members interested in co-ownership of a piece, our jewellery brokers will locate and purchase it at the best price. With Covett, you no longer have to covet luxury jewellery pieces, you can own them.

To understand the process in more detail go to our Get Started page. 


By “liking” items in our vault, they are placed on your Covett List.

See what others are coveting and add photos of the pieces you covet on our Community page.

You can also covet by “Liking” our Daily Covett on Facebook and Instagram.

Covet no longer with Covett!

Covett is not only the intelligent way to own and invest in luxury jewellery, it is also hassle-free. The concierge service is covered by the monthly service fee, so all you need to think about how brilliant your piece makes you feel.

Have questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Being a Covettist Means Hassle-free Ownership

The Covettist movement is about smart ownership, which allows you to enjoy the luxury jewellery of your dreams without the hassles of comparison shopping, insurance, cleaning or maintenance.

Our brokers will find the best price for the piece you covet and want to co-own with Covett.  You can rest assured whether you’re wearing your piece, or another owner is; because it’s insured for both lost and theft.  Your piece will go through semi-annual maintenance to ensure the piece is always in mint condition; reducing the risk of damage or loss.

Our Covett Concierge makes sure that each time you piece arrives, it is sparkling and radiant, just like the first time.


Join the Covettist movement today by becoming an early adopter.  To learn more, visit your account page.

Learn more about fine and high jewellery, and be the first see the exquisite pieces coming soon to the Covett Vault.

Rubies Rule

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What do you call a red sapphire? A ruby! Yes, you read it correctly. Like sapphires, rubies are members of the corundum mineral species. Why are they called a completely different name from other corundum? We have blue sapphire, white […]


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