Covett is thrilled to be adding the extraordinary jewellery from international jewellery designer Nadine Aysoy.  We love Nadine’s blending of both the classic and modern aesthetics in her jewellery, as she  brings forth unique combinations of gemstones and diamonds.

“I would like to encourage women of all generations to explore the refined craftsmanship of wearable and playful high-end jewellery”


Exquisite, intriguing and timeless – this is how the London-based designer describes her jewellery. Inspired by the beauty of nature, various forms of art and precious stones, her jewels may seem traditional at first glance. However, on closer look, you’d notice how the classic pieces are transformed into something extravagant and chic. Many of the decorative elements in the jewellery are inspired by Nadine’s keen eye for fashion and modern trends. These play an essential part in her design aesthetics but do not dominate them, making even the most original pieces timeless.

For more information about Nadine and to experience her array of gorgeous pieces go to the Nadine Aysoy website.