Friendship. Sharing. Living in abundance and joy. This is where Covett was born. 

One evening Cynthia, our CEO, and some girlfriends were discussing the jewellery they loved and owned. A friend brought out a diamond riviere necklace and it was stunning. Everyone took turns trying it on and coming up with outfits and events they could wear it to.

This is where our brilliant CEO had a flash of inspiration. Today people are turning to a more sustainable way of living and the sharing economy has become a core part of our ever evolving society. We are borrowing each other’s houses, cars, clothes, boats and more; why not share our jewellery too? 

Covett was inspired as an intelligent way to own more jewellery, connect to other like-minded jewellery lovers, and jewellery designers. Covett unlocks the value of fine jewellery with our personalised white-glove approach to shared ownership so an exclusive community of jewellery lovers can enjoy a life full of moments to treasure.  

Everything is taken care of for you including insurance, logistics, cleaning and maintenance. All the joy of jewellery ownership without the hassles.

No matter where you are in your jewellery loving journey, whether you are just starting out or want to add to your collection Covett is here for you to support you in every step of the way. Come and be part of this community where the Covett team will make sure to bring more joy into your life.


Cynthia Morrow
Founder and CEO
A Passionate Covettist

Elsa Navarrete
Co-Founder and Chief People Officer
A Passionate Gemstone Lover

Nesta Collingridge
Director Operations
A Passionate Vintage Jewellery Lover

Monica Baro
Director Sales and Marketing
A Passionate Jewellery Enthusiast


Our mission is to empower women to have more of the jewellery they love through our Covett smart ownership model; becoming part of a community of like-minded jewellery lovers and enthusiasts.



We value intelligence, providing the intelligent way for our customers to own, access, and enjoy fine jewellery.


We value authenticity in all our relationships; delivering a transparent shared ownership solution that delivers a high degree of value and joy.


We value luxury goods and experiences; we commit to deliver uncompromising white-glove care of every facet of owning a highly crafted jewellery piece.


We value the passion for fine jewellery by making it new and exciting every time. We have a passion for sharing which builds community and allows us to attain more.


We value creating abundance by adopting a Covettist mindset; having more of what you covet by sharing. 

Our Brilliant Story

One evening some girlfriends and I were discussing the jewellery we loved and owned. One friend gave me a hard time about owning a Concord diamond watch. Later on she confessed that her husband bought her a diamond necklace when the company she worked for went public.  She brought out the necklace and my heart skipped a beat;  it was stunning and worth at least ten times the value of my watch.

I then teased her, saying that if she wore that necklace more than once a year, she’d be lucky. She confessed that this was true and then shockingly, she said, “Why don’t we share our jewellery, it seems silly to let it sit in a safe all the time”. The crazy thing is that she meant it, because she trusted us to care for it and vice versa.

What a brilliant idea, sharing with people who love and value what you do; and that is how the Covettist movement began.


To build a company and platform that creates smart ownership of luxury goods

We value intelligence, providing the smart way for our customers to own and enjoy luxury jewellery.


We value the authenticity of co-ownership as a way to tie frequency of use to value.


We value the pleasure of ownership and commit to a hassle-free way to own luxury jewellery.


We value reigniting the passion with the jewellery experience as always new and exciting.


We value being more by embracing a Covettist mindset.

Cynthia Morrow
Founder and CEO
A Passionate Covettist