The perfect gift for the jewellery lover in your life, especially if its you.

Imagine making that special someone happy not just on that day but throughout the year with the Covett Vault subscription. 

The Covett Vault subscription provides a way to experience the brilliance of the Covett smart ownership model before becoming a co-owner.

What is the Covett Vault?

Covett is the world’s first co-ownership platform for fine and high jewellery.  We currently have ten pieces of fine jewellery in the Covett Vault shared by our co-owners. We are offering the opportunity to have an annual subscription where you can try our innovative approach to fine jewellery ownership.

What’s in the Covett Vault?

The Covett Vault is currently filled with  highly crafted diamond and gemstone jewellery all set in 18k gold.  We are adding new pieces all the time.  The ten pieces currently in the vault are pictured below. Click on the photo to see the details.

How does the subscription work?

You can gift your loved one or yourself an annual subscription. Based on the plan chosen, she can choose one piece from the vault that she can wear and enjoy for up to 5 consecutive days.  Our concierge service team handles insurance, cleaning, and delivery of their selected piece, they simply schedule and enjoy.